These Premium Snacks Have Evolved into Street Foods and We’re Loving it!


You know those snacks that you were only likely to find in eateries.

They are gradually getting on the streets, and for way lower prices.

Here are a few of them:


Remember when Shawarma just got popular in Nigeria, it was sold in only few places, and the least you could get it was for between N1500 – N2000. A lot has changed since then, and young business-minded Nigerians have gone to perfect their Shawarma skill.

In Lagos, mostly in the evenings, you’ll find them in corners with large number of people waiting to get their orders. Nigerians who enjoy shawarma, but can’t afford the price it’s sold in some QSRs can now enjoy almost the same quality at as low as N500.


Growing up, the only meat pie we ever had were from eateries. During those times, happiest moments was when our parents, uncles or aunties comes in with bags from the eateries containing meat pies and ice-cream.

Then, it was a special snack that wasn’t found around the place like it is now – except you had a mother that was a caterer. Well, it’s all changed; for as low as N100, you can get a well made meat pie from street hawkers.




BURGER!!! The most anticipated snack most people want to experience.

Growing up, we saw burgers as a premium snack. It was always a huge surprise when we eventually got one bought from a restaurant or eatery. Guess what? It goes for N100 on the streets from Lagos hawkers who sell in show glasses. Although, it still sells for as high as N2,000 in some top end eateries, Nigerians who cannot afford this but still want to enjoy burger can get it way lower and almost same quality.

Which of these have you bought on the streets recently?

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