Babatunde Oduwaye

Babatunde Oduwaye

Ag. Group Chief Finance Officer

Babatunde Oduwaye is a Graduate of Accounting with MBA in Banking and  Finance. He is a Chartered Accountant (FCA), Chartered Banker (FCIB) and  Chartered Tax Practitioner (ACTI).

Tunde started his working career in the banking industry, where he had  responsibility, at various times, for Domestic Operations, FX operations,  Corporate Banking departments and branch management. He thereafter  worked as Financial Controller of Multi-Trex Integrated Foods Plc.

Prior to his appointment at Acting Group Chief Financial Officer, he was  Financial Controller, Calabar Plant and CFO of the Flour SBU of DFM.

Tunde currently serves as the Chairman, Statutory Audit Committee of the  Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria.