Tastic Semolina/ Pasta/ Wheatmeal – Frequent Questions Asked By Consumers

General questions

  1. Where can I buy your Tastic products?
  • You can check our website dfmhubb.com for a list of retail stores closest to you.
  • You can check our website dfmhubb.com to make direct purchases through your preferred ecommerce platform.
  1. Can I buy Semolina/Wheat meal directly from the company?
  • We have a minimum order quantity of 600 bags for flour products and 3000 cases for Pasta.

Are you purchasing up to that? If no, kindly share your name and location so we can send you the address of the closest distributors to you.


  1. What is the requirement to register as a distributor?
  • Letter of application indicating:
  • Your interest in becoming a Distributor with DFM
  • Detailing your Company Name, complete address and location of the shop.
  • Indicating the products, you are interested in.
  • Bank reference letter clearly identifying your organization.
  • Certificate of Registration of the organization you would want to use for same purpose. (This must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission).
  • Two passport photographs of the Director and the organizations’ representative.
  • A well ventilated warehouse or shop for our wheat based products with pallets on the ground.
  • After presenting the above requirements you will be given a distributor’s form.


  1. How do I make payment?
  • Please visit our sales department in any of our offices to get details.


  • Where do I submit the form?
  • For Semolina: Terminal E, Green view development building, Apapa, Wharf Lagos. Submit to sales department – Bernard Alor
  • For Whole Wheat Meal: NPA Lighter terminal, Ebute, Ikorodu. Submit to sales department Nnamdi
  • My product is yet to be delivered, I paid some days ago?
  • Kindly share your name and address and give us sometime to confirm the status and get back to you.
  • I bought a truck of Ball foods but the product was incomplete.
  • Kindly indicate the missing number of Pack/Bag(s) on the waybill. We will investigate this matter and be rest assured that the missing packs will be added to your next order.


  • Where is your company located?
  • For Semolina or Wheat meal: Terminal E, Greenview development building, Apapa, Wharf Lagos.


  1. Which time do you open?
  • We open by 8am close by 5pm.



  1. How do I follow your company up on social media?
  • FACEBOOK- www.facebook.com /tasticng
  • INSTAGRAM follow us on Tasticng
  • Twitter follow on Tasticng


  1. I bought a bag of Semolina/Wheat meal and its was leaking?


  • We regret your experience and would appreciate an opportunity to investigate the cause. We will request that you send in the batch code on pack and snap the picture and send to our e-mail at flour@dangote.com



  1. I am a trader and I discover that Semolina/Wheat meal in my possession is close to expiration
  • Please kindly sell out the product close to expiration first.


  1. Where is the best place to store Semolina/Wheat meal?
  • In a cool dry place such as warehouse or store that has enough ventilation