Efo Riro for The Win


Whatever state you’re from, when you hear Efo, you’ll most likely know it’s Vegetable Soup. Although, the soup is native to the Yorubas, it’s one of the most popular soups we have in Nigeria.

Although, a few states have their variations, including Edikang Ikong, popular among the Kalabaris, Oha Soup native to the Igbos, Efo Riro still remains the most sought-after.

As a result of its ease in preparation which makes it a choice of soup to go with any swallow, you’ll find Efo Riro in almost any gathering where food is involved, from Bukas to Owambe parties.

Checkout these simple steps to preparing a pot of mouth-watering Efo.


Sliced Green Vegetable Leaves

Stock Fish

Assorted meat

Sliced Pepper
Sliced onions
Ground Crayfish
Iru (locust beans)
Smoked Fish

Palm Oil (200ml)
DanQ Seasoning Cubes

Dangote Salt


  • Step 1

Season meat with salt, sliced onions, and DanQ seasoning cubes, add a little water and cook till tender and the water is almost dried.

Then, add the smoked fish, stock fish, add a cup of water and cook for another 10-15 minutes.



  • Step 2

Remove the pot from heat and place another pot on it. Then pour in some palm oil. Once heated, add the sliced onions and pepper.

Leave to fry till translucent, while stirring occasionally to avoid burning.

  • Step 3

Add the cooked meat/stock fish/smoked fish, stir and leave to simmer for 5 minutes, before adding the crayfish and iru.

Stir and allow another 3 minutes.

Add a cube of Dan Q seasoning, Dangote salt to taste, stir and add the green vegetable leaves.

Stir all together and leave to simmer for another 3-5 minutes.

  • Step 4

Your delicious pot of Efo Riro is ready!

Serve hot with Dangote Semolina or Dangote Whole Wheat Meal.


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