Dangote Flour

Dangote Flour Range

Dangote Flour is every bakers’ delight, delivering outstanding loaves to millions of Nigerians. Dangote Flour is enriched with Vitamin A and made from high quality wheat sourced both locally and internationally. It is indeed the quality flour for the hands of the True masters.

It is available in different variants and packaged in various sizes to suit all baking needs ranging from a large scale bakery with a capacity of 5,000 loaves a day, to a mother flipping pancakes in her kitchen.

The Dangote Flour range includes;

Bread Flour
(50kg, 1.5kg)

These are our most popular variants, perhaps because most Nigerians love hot loaves of bread on the go everyday.  At home, Dangote Bread Flour can also be used to make snacks and tasty treats for guests and family.

Confectionery Flour

Dangote Confectionary flour is used by your favorite manufacturers to bake the sausage rolls, pie crusts, biscuits and other great snacks you buy on the street and in shops. We work hard to deliver a flour that will produce snacks in line with your desired taste.

All Purpose Flour

If you need flour but not sure which to go for, then you cannot go wrong with All-Purpose Flour. It is known as the go-to flour which always gives a predictable result.

Gurasa flour

Our customers talk and we listen! Our Northern customers requested for this customized flour made for them to bake in locally made oval shaped earthenware pots known as Tanderu. Once baked, Gurasa is best consumed with miyan taushe, suya or as a snack. It can also be used to bake pastries in home. The recipe is HERE (Short link Included).

Whole Wheat Bread flour

Dangote Flour will always support our customers’ drive to have a healthier lifestyle. Our whole wheat bread flour is a dietary fiber with a number of nutritional benefits ranging from helping to lower blood cholesterol to prevention of constipation and aiding with weight loss. This flour bursting with vitamins is also used to make wheat bread, cakes and other snacks.