5 Cooking Hacks for Nigerian Foods


You might be a great cook, but there are times you just don’t get it right. There are also times you want to make your traditional method of cooking a lot faster and easier, but you have no idea how.

When it comes to cooking, there are a number of tips and tricks no one will ever tell you, and learning about them can make all the difference.

Below are 5 simple hacks for everyday Nigerian foods that you should totally apply when cooking.

1. Keep Spaghetti from Sticking Together

When you think of the perfect plate of spaghetti, what comes to mind is steaming hot and perfectly cooked, right? Well, for some reasons it doesn’t always come out as perfect as we think and we end up with a plate of spaghetti that’s all soggy and sticky.

Guess what? It’s possible to get that perfect picture every single time!

Whether you’ll be mixing your spaghetti with sauce or eating it with stew, make it right by adding a few drops of vegetable oil or scoops of butter while it’s boiling. You can also try the simple trick of reducing the cooking heat to the lowest, stirring while it’s boiling and draining the water before it gets the chance to dry.


2. Shred Ewedu with a Blender

Ewedu is one of those soups that wins our hearts over and over again. You can call it the perfect soup, as it goes with just about any swallow, including semolina and wholewheatmeal. But this soup doesn’t come easy.

The ancient method of stirring it with a small broom is still being used, and we’re sure that’s how you prepare yours. It’s time to ditch the broom! To make the process tastier and faster. Add slices of onion while boiling. Once done, pour your Ewedu into a blender and blend on low speed to give you that great look and taste. Try IT Now!


 3. Make Your Ogbono and Okra Soup Draw

Ogbono and Okra are supposed to be draw soups, but sometimes, all we get is a pot of soup that is not so different from the texture of water. If you can relate with this, then you’ve been cooking it all wrong.

When cooking Ogbono or Okra, add slices of onion, and ensure that you leave the pot open. Covering will cause the soup to steam, and hence reduce its slippery and stretchy texture. Even after your soup is ready, keep this trick in mind and apply whenever you’re heating it at the end of each day.


4. Keep Egusi from Going Sour

Ever cooked a pot of soup that went bad the next day? It’s very possible with Egusi soup. In that moment all you think of is the meat, the fish and all of the assorted that would likely be going with it.

While Egusi is easy to prepare, it can also go bad very quickly if not handled with care. To avoid getting yourself in such situation, pack your Egusi soup, leave it to cool down and then put in the fridge. Dish out a small portion and heat whenever you need to eat. In cases when you have epileptic power supply, heat your Egusi soup as often as possible to keep that fresh taste.


6. Get Smokey Taste from Jollof Spaghetti without Using Firewood

If you’re a proper Nigerian, the sight of Jollof rice is enough to leave a smile on your face. What makes it extra special is that burnt bottom pot firewood taste, which is usually common with party jollof. Guess what, you can also achieve that smoky jollof rice taste with spaghetti.

The simple trick is preparing sauce with tomato paste, chicken flavor and seasoning. Once your sauce is boiling, add in the spaghetti, allow to cook and dry. When stirring the spaghetti after it’s dry, you may notice that the bottom of the pot may burn slightly, do not panic. This burn gives your dish a distinct smoky jollof taste. Try it and tell us what you think.

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